Our fees are based on the Guiding Criteria of the Bar Association of Barcelona, to which we belong, and with full respect for the regulations and applicable principles in the matter.

The principle of transparency and trust is the basis of our relationship with our clients and this also translates into greater transparency regarding our fees. Thus, our clients always know in advance the price of the contracted services, which will be reflected in the corresponding Legal Fees Agreement, together with their payment and settlement form.

There are matters in which fees may be agreed on the result obtained, through a percentage of success previously agreed with the client. In this way it is much more convenient for the customer to pay them, paying the agreed amount once the customer has been paid the amount obtained.

We understand that Justice must be available to everyone and, therefore, we offer payment facilities to our clients, allowing the fractionation of fees on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis.

Many of our clients are companies that trust us to achieve their business tranquillity they need, and thus be able to focus on growing their business. For this, from the office we provide a permanent legal and tax advice service, through which your company will always have a specialized lawyer to solve your doubts and / or provide legal assistance in possible conflicts with which you can find themselves in the development of their activity. Our remuneration for this type of services is based on a system of monthly fee adapted to your specific case, according to your business typology and, consequently, to the type of service required.

We have special rates for members of the Gremio de Hostelería y Turismo del Barcelonés y Vallés Occidental and associates of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe.



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